This CD captures the extraordinary experience that was Apodomi Compania at the Retreat Hotel, Melbourne Australia

Those who shared the experience will find great pleasure in this recording, and those who did not, will understand why it was one of the most remarkably vibrant musical scenes of the past decade in Melbourne.

This CD presents a part of that history, selected from recordings made by the band of various performances at the Retreat Hotel, Brunswick 1993-94.

At this time, Apodimi Compania comprised the Galiatsos brothers, George and Manuel, Hector Cosmas and Archie Argyropoulos. This line up had already been playing regularly at the Retreat Hotel for a few years, creating a unique musical and social experience, attracting people from differing cultures and musical traditions.

Their effortless agreement in the interpretation of the music, their talent and immense enthusiasm resulted in a band of extraordinary cohesiveness and vigour, soon generating a devoted following in Australia and Greece; a group of virtuoso performers who can, as it were, play of one mind!


Between 1900 and 1923, approximately 1.25 million people of Greek heritage left Asia Minor after a presence stretching back to antiquity.

Most went to Greece, many to the United States, South America, England and Australia.

The musical traditions they brought to Greece underwent change and development and became known as Rebetika, a musical genre having potent cultural, and political significance. Subversive in its associations with eastern influences and urban low life, the songs refer to hashish, love, philosophy, the migrant experience, pain and separation.

Because of the class it related to, its subject matter, and most of all, its modal improvisational forms, Rebetika has been referred to as "Greek Blues".

Song Titles
1 Princess Fantazes san prigkhpesa Basilis Tsitsanis 4.04
2 I want you no more De se qelv yeuth morth P Tounas 8.43
3 Take your road I'll take mine Pare pia to dromo sou A K Smirneos/D Traiforos 3.41
4 A wise guy in my hash den Enas magkas ston teke mou Kostas Dzovenos 3.41
5 Athenian girl Aqhnaiisa Anestis Delias 3.58
6 The monk Kalogeraki Yiannis Papaioannou 2.58
7 Sacramento Sakramento George Katsaros 3.54
8 A-minor Tsifteteli La minore tsifteteli Not known 3.09
9 Instrumental from Smyrna Smurneiko Traditional 3.32
10 You need to be wily Prepei na xereis mhcanh Markos Vamvakaris 5.04
11 In all my trouble Mes sth pollh skotoura mou Basilis Tsitsanis 3.19
12 Persephone/ Persefonh/ Panagiotis Tountas/  
  Fun & dance hasaposerviko Glenti kai coros Yiannis Papaioannou 5.48
13 Whingeing Doll Paraponiariko koukli Apostolos Hatzihristos 3.23
14 Two wise guys in jail Duo magkes mes sth fulakh Kostas Dzovenos 4.37
15 Traditional hasaposerviko Paradosiako casaposerbiko Traditional 4.16
16 Donít make vows you liar! Mhn orkizesai bre yeutra G Petropouleas/D Semsis 7.44
  Total Playing Time 72.25

Members of Apodomi Compania

Archie Argyropoulos: Baglama, Toubeleki and Vocals
George Galiatsos: Guitar and Vocals
Hector Cosmas: Violin, Baglama, Bouzouki, Tzoura
Manuel Galiatsos: Bouzouki, Tzoura

CD Production Credits

Executive Producer: Jacqueline Mitelman
Producer: Costa Cosmas
Musical Director: Archie Argyropoulos
Cover Design & Photography: Jacqueline Mitelman
Digitally Mastered by: Sven Langebeck at
Warehouse Sound Systems Melbourne March 2000

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